Company Philosophy & Core Goals


Our company prides itself on digitally empowering individuals & businesses to retain control over their businesses. As the company is led by a professional coach, its core aim is to teach, educate and guide. However, if you prefer to have it all done for you, we have a team of highly-skilled programmers and designers happy to help you!


Why do we train people on WordPress Design?

It’s simple: To Empower, Educate & Save Money!

Website Design & Programming Hourly Fee in the UK, 2015:

  • Non e-commerce website (a site that doesn’t sell products or services): Around £1000- £1500;
  • E-commerce website (a site that sells products or services): £3000
  • Average Programmer hourly fee for follow-up/ editing work in the UK: £150- £250
  • Your savings if you learn designing yourself: £2000+



Intense 1-Day-Long WordPress Group Workshop

Create Your Website In A Day!

Introductory Price of £150

Per Full Workshop!!



Start: 9 am- End: 5 pm; SATURDAY

February Dates:

7/02/2015 & 21/02/2015

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Basic WordPress Skills Workshop

Web Design & Blogs

Learn More!

Intense 1-Day-Long WordPress Training

Suited to Web Design & Blogs

Learn More!

Ultimate 2-Day-Long WordPress Training

Go Home With This Same Web Design!

Learn More!

Why Choose Us For Your Needs?

When we train and coach you in digital world, you will always have a finished product at the end of it. Clean, responsive, eye-catching and practical products to take home with you.

Our most popular courses & workshops are:

  • Create Brand-New Website on WordPress Platform;
  • WordPress Training For Beginners;
  • Blog: Create a new blog, integrate with Social Media links, start blogging;
  • Social Media;
  • Have It Done For You By Our Team!
More About Us

Fun Social Media Stuff!

Does it seem too hard to get Likes/ Followers/ Views/ Comments?

Let us worry about that- get instant results! Usually delivered within 2 days!

Ask For Your Own!

1.35 Billion Monthly Active Facebook Users
284 Million Monthly Active Twitter Users
1 Billion Monthly Active YouTube Users

Meet Workshop Leader, Coach & Trainer Ivana Franekova

Life Coach IvanaProfessional, Qualified & Certified Life Coach Ivana Franekova has had over 12 years of business expertise. She had started her own business at the young age of 23, running permanent stall at Camden Town Market. From there, she had spread her retail business to other markets, shopping malls and even her own store.
During that time, Ivana started to learn about Internet Marketing, Social Media and Web Design. She attended numerous workshops, courses and lectures on how to develop her skills. WordPress platform is what she fell in love with. Through its simple, yet effective structure, Ivana set up her first blogs. As she was continually asked to help friends setting up blogs, she decided to concentrate on WordPress full-time.

To this date, Ivana created a number of websites for herself, her clients and friends, including this one. Her coaching expertise means she prefers to teach people how to design & program in WordPress on their own, as she believes anyone can do it. What she hopes for is to empower people and businesses to realize their potential in the era of the digital world. Ivana operates from a private practice in Elstree in a luxury business complex, where she sees her clients, works with them and coaches them in their businesses.

We aim to take small & start-up businesses literally by hand and bring them into the digital world with confidence.
The leading Personal & Business Coach Ivana Franekova leads workshops on WordPress Web Design, Blogging and Social Media.
We are a team of programmers & designers to cater for your needs. A wide range of products and services is available.
And that’s our philosophy: with proper training, anyone can do it. Our Web Design workshops typically last a day and yes, you will go home with a website such as this one! That’s a guarantee!

All you need is an idea- we help you make it into a business!

  • Helping you choose suitable name for your business;
  • Designing your logo;
  • Registering your new domain (website);
  • Creating your new website for you, or
  • Teaching you how to design your website from scratch!
  • Social Media advice & guidance;
  • Workshops and training on setting up Social Media Channels;
  • And much more!
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